AppBase Growing App on Mar 7 | Lucky WATCH 1181% Quarter Led

On March 7, AppBase Growing App daily claimed 225 new standalone Appsby Testin platform, Top 100 Mix QGR quarter compound growth rate average of 72%, intelligent life of “Lucky WATCH” 1181% quarter leading, for an old man wearing a watch type device software, has multiple GPS/WIFI/base station positioning, voice calls, heart rate/blood pressure, step counter statistics, Emergency monitoring function.

Testin成长应用 “祥WATCH” 季度领涨 AppBase Growing App by Testin Lab, 2017-Mar-7
Testin growth “Lucky WATCH” quarter led the AppBase Growing App by Testin Lab, 2017-Mar-7

A typical App | Developer | Mix QGR

  • Lucky WATCH | High intelligent technology, Hangzhou research and development team | 1181%
  • Yun feng SI | Chengdu Indra networks technology limited | 1149%
  • Sun Xin Qing | Sun Xin Qing Health Management LLC | 957%
  • ONE trailer | ONE trailer | 804%
  • China guitar | Beijing music golden era culture propagation co | 710%
  • Blue deer campus | Guangzhou AO TEC Ltd | 156%
  • Bullet | Zhongshan city, intelligent technology, Ltd of Essex | 107%
  • Site family | in Jiangsu and Yu-information technology
  • Chengdu city, animal husbandry, MUSLOG| network science and technology limited company
  • Moses, Moses, Dongguan international | industries limited
  • Translator | Beijing Orient fiscal aggregates financial information service company
  • A door | Beijing seven-door company
  • Sleep Sleepace| Adiga, Shenzhen science and technology development company limited
  • Biodynamic method | Shanghai network technology limited
  • Jin He old Beijing Golden harvest healthy centenarians | management services limited
  • Xiamen 258 258| network science and technology company limited
  • Hubei wine wine | sister network science and technology limited company
 Developer innovates future, Testin helps them more confident and excellent. Originate Aspiration, Keep Calm and Carry On.

About Testin

Testin is a Testing as a Service (TaaS) based company that specializes in mobile app QA testing. After 150+ million  iteration tests of 2+ million Apps in past 5+ years, Testin has grown from a groundbreaking idea to the leader in #1 Mobile App Quality Assurance platform, secured US$84.9 million in 3 Rounds from IDG, Banyan, Haiyin and CEL and succeeded in not only capturing the domestic market in China, but also setting its foot into the global arena. Testin has been recognized as 2014 and 2015 Zero2IPO v50 China, 2014 Red Herring 100 Asia and 2015 Red Herring 100 Global, 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China. By address mobile and OS fragmentations, App’™s compatibility, functionality, user experience, performance, security and analytics, Testin builds thousands of developers’ – including McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Benz, Philips, Kabam, JD – confidence to ensure great experiences for their users.

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