How Mercedes Maintains Quality in China

As a leader in the car industry, Mercedes Benz has always ensured high quality in everything they do. From online marketing, customer services, or application quality, Mercedes has always set the standard. As “Internet+” (refers to the application of the internet and other information technology in traditional industries) continues to grow, Mercedes has created their own roadmap for the development of their mobile application to expedite their internal communications and create an even better experience for their customers.


The Challenge:

To ensure product quality, Mercedes needs to constantly polish their application. However, with only 20% of devices for iOS, most of the market are Android devices and these devices are constantly changing. Android devices are also harder to test as the amount of hardware and software specs for each OEM vary so much. The development team has realized it will take too much precious time and resources to carefully go through these devices, so they turned to Testin for their compatibility solution to speed up their development cycle.


The Solution:

The development team leveraged Testin’s compatibility test solution because:

  • Coverage: As the leading cloud testing company, Testin has 4,500+ devices that covers 95% of China’s market share. With the market in a state of constant flux, Testin ensures that the data is frequently updated with the latest data.
  • Bug List: Once the automation scripts have been developed, it becomes easy to scale the tests and create bug lists for Mercedes. Each time the test is run, it will cover the installation, UI, functionality, etc. on all these devices which enables the team to see which bugs are affecting the application the most and prioritize issues.
  • Prioritization: As there is limited time in fixing the issues found on devices, Testin’s compatibility test allows Mercedes to see which devices are having issues, and filter by their user coverage to ensure that they’ll be able to fix the biggest bugs and keep the application as smooth as possible their users.


The Result:

Because of Testin’s test solutions, the team can cover the majority of devices needed to sustain a mobile product in China, find the bugs across all these devices, asses the severity of these issues, and prioritize them for the team to fix. Mercedes can release builds and updates quickly and efficiently without worry.


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