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Online business has its potential for profit. As the combination of traditional business and high technology, it needs more than one aspect of wisdom to operate. Using traditional business skills added with high-tech tools, companies have the opportunity to win in this area. Doing online business, high-tech companies are trying to support. Testin is one of the test companies which are trying to help.

As a new area of the business world. Questions on online businesses include: How to optimize online page? How to choose between business plans? How to increase sales? And so on. A/B test may provide answers to a lot of these questions.

Why should enterprises do A/B test?

A/B test can help the product designers of customers’ companies. It helps them determine the best plan based on actual results, and in turn improve the product design and operational standards, establish a closed loop process that is data-driven and continuous optimized.

Growth hacker and A/B test

A/B test can be the drive of growth. Here is an example of growth hacker. Growth hacker is a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of “How do I get customers for my product?” and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph.

– Andrew Chen, Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing

For a growth hacker who does well in this area, A/B test is often the core of its product growth targets. The more frequent the product is tested, the faster the advantage of its product is found and the faster it will grow. A story about Twitter shows the difference. Twitter introduced a new product VP in 2010. Upon arriving, he said: “The frequency of Twitter’s weekly tests is too little, they should do it at least 10 times a week!” After speeding up the test frequency, Twitter won explosive growth again.

Testin A/B test

The A/B test product launched by Testin officially is equipped with the industry’s leading full platform A/B testing system. Through its provision of scientific and rigorous user shunt mechanism and statistical analysis algorithm, companies can carry out a large number of product and operational tests efficiently and achieve rapid growth goals. Testin A/B test include full-life cycle test, mobile end visualization mode, full platform programming mode, personalized recommendation, user group orientation test and other core functions. It provides two modes of service: SaaS and private cloud, support iOS, Andrews, Web / H5, back-end and other platform A/B test requirements completely. 

4 core advantages of Testin A/B Test:

Testin A/B test has four core strengths:

1.The industry’s first full life-cycled A/B test products

Testin A/B test supports tests after application release as well as tests before release. After release tests are completed by enterprise real users. Tests before the release are closed beta tests delivered by Testin inner users. Enterprises can achieve quantitative product growth by enabling full lifecycle testing. They can simultaneously get to quantify user behavior data and qualitative user feedback data.

Before the release of application, Testin can call up to 50,000 testers (college students, office workers, test engineers, etc.) from the public platform and do the deep user experience tests of the national network environment. Three important recordings (records of testers’ app operation screens, deep customized survey feedback reports and A/B test data reports) are sent to enterprises. And then, enterprises can improve the product UI, user experience, processes and other related links. Based on the collected qualitative user feedback and quantitative data reporting, enterprises can identify the product market fit and achieve rapid product growth effectively.

After the release of application, through A/B test based on real enterprise users, companies can quickly and efficiently collect comparison data of different versions of product, effectively measure which of the transaction volume, conversion rate, retention rate and other core indicators of different versions is good. Then they can make better iterative decisions on products and gain rapid growth of them.

2.The industry’s first full platform A/B test products

Testin A/B test fully supports iOS, Andrews, Web / H5 and back-end A/B test full platform, helps enterprises achieve data-driven product growth all-round. The key technical challenge to support full platform A/B testing is the compatibility of platform SDKs and the support capabilities of back-end data platform. In enterprise A/B test application scenarios, the stability of SDK is crucial, often is concerned more than its functionality by enterprises. In terms of stability, Testin SDK has a unique advantage. Testin SDK conducts complete functional tests and compatibility tests every week: Hundreds of A/B test-related test scripts based on dozens of real apps and H5 applications are automatically tested on the Testin platform of iOS devices (70+ models), Android devices (600+ models) and mainstream Web browsers (10). All those Functional and compatibility tests are done to ensure no memory leak, crash flash, UI dislocation or other anomalies will occur on real customers’ various devices of enterprises. The weekly frequency of SDK tests to ensure the compatibility and stability of SDK in Testin A/B test for the maximum.

3.The industry’s first app visual A/B test products

In large-scaled Internet companies like BAT, develop engineers always need to maintain two sets of code logic in product function module and bury relevant code for these A/B tests. Therefore, multi-communications and collaborations from product operations and R & D engineers or even more people are requested each time in the test. Moreover. if the released app needs to make change, it has to wait for the next time of release.

In order to simplify the process of overall A/B test to the maximum and improve the efficiency of A/B test, Testin accumulated years of technology abilities in app UI automated testing and app compatibility testing. There comes the launch of industry’s first app visual editing A/B test system. Through the functions of these visual editing, workers from product and operation department could save the work of writing code. They could edit the generation, visualize the work of buried code in app’s new version tests directly. By using the visual editor, they can easily finish real-time on-line release of subsequent test versions (without the processes of application market review), flow regulation, real-time monitoring data, decision-making and all the other A/B test processes. In this way, the product iterative speed can be increased by 10 times or more.

4.The industry’s first A/B test product support real-time data analysis

Testin A/B test is industry’s first A/B test product providing real-time data analysis capabilities. Through real-time data analysis system based on Druid (www.druid.io), and its multi-dimensional combination of query capabilities, Testin successfully achieves second-class real-time data processing on ten million daily active volume applications. Testin helps enterprises grasp Test data trends quickly, so they can make product decisions faster and more efficiently.

One of Testin’s E – commerce customers had such real-time data analysis requests. This company did A/B tests every time for their sales promotion because making business decisions needs real-time test data. However, the time of their sales activity was limited, so people in product operation must focus on activity conversion rate changes of A, B versions real-time. In order to maximum the effect of activity conversion rate, they need to compare test data once half an hour or even 10 minutes. Through that, they can decide the version of A, B products they are going to use. So Testin A/B test’s real-time data analysis function is very useful.

Customer feedback

According to Testin, after the official launch of Testin A/B test for market, dozens of enterprises from E-commerce, finance, education, media and other fields have formed contractual partnership with Testin. These companies have saved a lot of work in code writing, a lot of time for application market review of Testin APP visual editing and other functions. The efficiency and frequency of A/B test has been increased by more than 10 times, and therefore they have got faster growth result.

“Some of our co-enterprises, changed A/B test frequency from 0 to 30 times a week through our A/B test platform. And if we calculate the success rate of A/B test by 30%, the average conversion rate of each successful test by 7%, there will be 10 conversion funnels achieve 7% growth in these companies each week!” Said Guancheng Chen, chief consultant of Testin A/B test.

Future trend

In the “second half of the Internet”, with the cost of flow is becoming higher and higher, A/B test as an effective way of enhancing product conversion rate, retention rate and turnover, is getting increasingly attention from enterprises. Standing from Testin’s view, Testin A/B test has been recognized by many customers in terms of product function, product quality and product service, especially its industry-leading full life cycles testing, full platform testing, app visual testing, and real-time data analysis. Testin redefines the industry standard for A/B test products. Standing from the view of the whole industry, in situation of enterprises putting more emphasis on data-driven growth and refinement of operation today, A/B test will be the growth engine driver of more enterprises.

Find more about Testin

Testin (http://www.testin.net) is a testing service based company which specializes in mobile app QA testing. After testing for 2+ million apps, iteration tests 180 million times, in 7 years’ time, Testin has grown from an idea to a leader in the Mobile APP Quality Assurance industry. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 rounds of IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL, and it succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China, but also in sett its foot of the global arena. Testin has been recognized as 2014 and 2015 Zero2IPO v50 China, 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China, Red Herring Finalist 2014 Asia 100, 2015 Global 100 and 2017 Red Herring Global 100 Winner. By addressing mobile and OS fragmentations, app’s compatibility, functionality, user experience, performance, security and analytics, Testin has helped thousands of developers (including McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, BMW, Philips and Kabam). Testin’s mission is to help developers build confidence in their applications and ensure a good user experience.

For more information on Testin please visit http://www.Testin.net
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