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November 17, Beijing, Microsoft Research and Development Beijing Building, IT Orange and Topology co-organized the “2017 IT Orange Business Summit and the establishment of the Topology two anniversary celebration.”

Topology launched 2017 Business Services Maxima, and Testin, the world leader in one-stop mobile application cloud testing services, was listed.

Since its inception in 2011, Testin (http://www.testin.net) has been committed to provid One-Stop-Application cloud testing services for applications such as web, mobile web, H5, native mobile APP, Lite APP, mobile games, VR/AR, wearable, AI, smart home, smart driving, IoT and industrial APP developers to provide the necessary one-stop testing services and quality assurance. Testin is the disruptor of the traditional software testing service mode, combine AI automated real device SaaS testing, crowdsourcing testing, full stack security testing and continuous big data analysis, succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China but also in sett its foot of the global arena, has now continued to serve more than 800,000 developers with their 2.3+ million APPs, branding clients including most tier 1 internet entities and McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, BMW, Philips and Kabam, etc. 

Testin Wang Jun, IT Orange Business Services Summit
Testin Wang Jun, IT Orange Business Services Summit

Testin Wang Jun delivered a keynote speech on “The Next Decade of Business Services” at the summit

Nowadays, in the consumer area of 2C, where mobile Internet has been rapidly growing, it is very hard for developers to find independent big opportunities. There must be demand in the subdivision area, but it is hard to find out the explosive growth opportunities of the Internet.

With the rising consumer demand for a better life, the successful online e-commerce and services businesses in China are now aggressively landing to find offline opportunities that are deeply integrated with the escalation in consumer spending. However, the traditional industries But also dream of breaking the line, but little success, the reason behind, in addition to capital, products, technology, system, talent, lack of experience is the key.

Fortunately, the outbreak of China Mobile Internet has been trained and accumulated a great deal of talents, technologies, teams, markets and operations that are global in scope. What is more important is the support of social culture and national policies. The 2C Domain Standardization Services, driven by the user’s reverse customization, have made O2O convergence a breakthrough and success in traditional travel, e-commerce and finance.

The younger generation, who grew up in the Internet era, regarded the demand for Internet services, quality and experience as the number one priority for people. In the process of purchasing products and selecting services, the service of the Internet became the first choice. The Internet virtual world and physical reality The world is merging and the industrial internet is ripe.

The Industrial Internet has given manufacturing industry a historic opportunity to change lanes overtaking. In the Internet age, the Internet has the characteristics of universality, interactivity, openness and sharing. Promote the free flow of information, realize the interconnection of all things among people, people and things, and things, and extend the shared economy to all fields. At the same time, the development of the Internet has promoted the integration of information flow, capital flow and logistics. Drastically reducing the cost of service-oriented transformation of the entire manufacturing enterprise and promoting a new system of accelerating manufacturing integration and restructuring the value chain of the industry. The manufacturing industry is moving from manufacturing and selling products to selling and selling products. This is the opportunity brought by the Internet.

In the era of industrial internet, the Moore’s law of computing performance solves the problem of our network computing; Gielder’s law of network bandwidth and solving the problem of network usage cost; Metcalfe’s law of network size, which is the law of value in the Internet age, Change our current production and management. Made in China 2025, the most important thing is to achieve through the development of industrial Internet, centralized network of manufacturing. Realize the deep integration and interweaving of the information world and the physical world, and build an industrial actual combat system with ubiquitous awareness, deep interconnection, advanced computational analysis, and precise executive functions.

The core of the industrial Internet is the network, platform, security, the key is data collection and App

Network system is the foundation, which realizes the interconnection between products, machines, workshops, factories, personnel and so on. Through these ubiquitous depth of interconnection, data flow, the formation of the industrial intelligent blood circulation system, which opened up the data.

The platform system is the core. The industrial internet platform serves as the carrier of industrial intelligent development. The platform system provides support as a data collection, modeling, analysis, application, development, resource scheduling and monitoring management. To achieve the production of intelligent decision-making, business model innovation, optimal allocation of resources, the cultivation of industrial ecology, the formation of intelligent industrial nerve center system.

Security assurance system is the key to building a security technology system and management system that meets the needs of industry and enhancing the security level of equipment, network, control, application and data. Identify threats below safety, resolve risks of various kinds of security, build industrial Internet security and credible environment, and form a protective system of industrial intelligent immunity.

The industrial internet platform is digitalized, networked and intelligent for the manufacturing industry. The service system based on massive data collection and collection and analysis is built. The core is the data collection system and industrial App. Data acquisition through sensing, control systems, including drive systems, Internet of things, smart gateways and other technologies, all aspects of equipment, product data collection. Management service platform, the cloud computing, big data technology practical experience combined to form the basis of industrial data analysis capabilities, technology, knowledge, experience and other resources into a professional software library, the use of model libraries, expert knowledge base and other portable , Interoperable software tools and development tools to build an open and shared development environment. Industrial App is the key to industrial internet.

The difference between industrial internet and consumer internet

  • Connection object, consumer Internet connection is a person, the application of the scene is relatively simple. The Industrial Internet realizes a wide range of real-time connections between various industrial users, industrial machines and other industrial processes as well as upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. It is intelligent interaction, the type of connection, the number is more, the scene is more complicated.
  • Technical specifications, the characteristics of consumer Internet technology, in particular, reflected in the best service, it is best effort. On the network delay, business hosting, isolated ability, reliability requirements are not strict, you open the phone to download when searching, you can accept this time I will wait for my next time. However, industrial production can not wait and will be paralyzed, so it is technically different. Industrial Internet directly relates to the network performance, such a request is low latency, more reliable, more secure.

China government has clearly defined the concept of simultaneous development of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, set the direction for the future integration of national informatization and industrialization, accelerated the development of advanced manufacturing and promoted the development of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy Depth integration, cultivating new growth points in the mid-to-high-end consumer innovation and leading green, low-carbon, shared economy, modern supply chain and human capital services to form new momentum.

With the release of China’s State Council’s “Guidance on Deepening the Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry’s Guidance on the Development of Industrial Internet”, the Industrial Internet Cloud Platform, the Million Industrial App, and the Million Enterprises on Cloud make the vast industrialized industrial world, App Development In the next 10 years, there will be an unprecedented opportunity in the Internet and App industries.

Testin has been certified by ISO9000 , ISO27001 , ISO20000 , ISO17025, CMMI3 and CNAS, aim to help developers build confidence in their applications and ensure a good user experience. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 rounds of IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL. Testin has been recognized as 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China, Red Herring Finalist 2014 Asia 100, 2015 Global 100 and 2017 Red Herring Global 100 Winner.

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