Future Technology Summit, Testin Predicts App Midfield Status and Trends

November 1, 2017, Guangzhou, Guangdong Internet Society, Ai Media Advisory Group held the “2017 Global Future Technology Conference” in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center opened. With the theme of “Discovering Next 10 Years”, this congress will continue the grand occasion of the previous congress and bring together elites from all walks of life and well-known media. Focusing on the frontier topics of science and technology innovation, we will discuss the future development direction of the industry and create the most promising future Feel the feast of the Internet situation. The conference is unprecedented in scale and is also the largest and highest-profile internet event in southern China. At the meeting, Testin Cloud Wang Jun attended the 2017 Global Future Technology Conference – Enterprise Service Innovation and Development Forum and delivered a “App midfield again ten years,” the wonderful speech.

Witness the past decade

Recall ten years ago on January 9, 2007, the same day, Steve Jobs at the annual meeting of the Apple Company in San Francisco, United States released “iPhone” the first generation of smart phones. Since the advent of the iPhone, Apple Mobile and its companies have rekindled a miraculous era of intelligence. Unfortunately, Joe always failed to witness with us with iPhone X on behalf of Apple to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the advent of the iPhone tribute.

I would like to do a small survey at the scene, I believe few people in the country a decade ago engaged in the development and operation of APP or related work. In 2007, when we were able to smoothly open a website (then called a WAP site) via a link on the sliding-lid Nokia N95 phone, everyone was already excited. Ten years ago, no one or very few of us realized that tremendous changes have taken place around us today 10 years later. That year, Ai media also released a research report on China’s wireless Internet users behavior behavior. This shows that Ai Media looks at the ten-year industry dynamics and has been following the glorious decade of rapid growth of mobile Internet.

According to Ai media consulting authority released data show that the size of China’s smart phone users have reached 655 million people. This huge user size, not only covers the ordinary phone calls, photos, text messaging users, but also APP users, the WeChat friends circle show off the rich and beautiful users, shopping without a wallet only with high-end mobile payment user group. I believe that only partners without a wallet, but not without a small cell phone partners. Another kind of wallet refers to the e-wallet that is attached to a network mobile phone carrier as a payment tool, and mainly provides users for online consumption, QR code payment, micro-payment, online wealth management and the like. In electronic payment, the process of China’s paperless wallet to go so proud, enough to spike a world power superpower. Even Singapore, one of the last of the four Asian dragons, suddenly feels like a country bumpkin. The rapid response to universal sweeping code payment craze, but also thanks to the premise of 360 escort, mobile wallet to be more secure, more intimate with people’s spending. 360 mobile assistant applications, the security part is 36 get yourself, the smart part is done by Testin. In this, thank you for a lot of support 360, a lot of support for Ai media, a lot of support for Testin cloud.

Recalling the topic I talked about last year, the integration of traditional industries and cross-border industries and the opportunities that our future technological development can bring.

We now seem to find it hard to find a new good application, but the data show that last year’s fast data is already very good. However, on our business trip to Guangzhou to attend the conference, we found two changes around us. At noon, when we dined at the Food Street in Poly underground, we found that all people there were paying by mobile phone. In addition, The pavilion is most prominent is ofo small yellow car, which in essence has not been like to brush the Guangzhou Shentong Card to provide ride sharing bicycle service. I remember I paid a deposit of 300 yuan a long time ago has not returned. Yangcheng card already do not have, do not know what day there are some convenient ways to apply for a refund of the deposit. At present, there are a lot of scenes in every aspect of our life that prevent us from relying on traditional services to support the social relationships, interpersonal relations and working relationships that we have established. Back to the prelude to creating the electronic transmission of human information – the invention of the telegraph. Some of us have experienced the telegraph era, but many young people may forget that at that time the data transmission and communication technology is how tough. May be here after 80 on the BB machine has a childhood impression, the early 90s, who have a hand in the “Dageda Mobile” or “BB Pager” are today called Rich People. Now, intelligent terminals have evolved to be the carrier of all information.

Predict the next decade

In the future, what industries may give us the chance? The first thing we see is the word “innovation.” Innovation is not to take the unusual way, a simple understanding is to find new opportunities in the industry caught. May be people already have the habit of breaking through the siege after the new resource system.

Smart wearable

With the further development of the times and technologies, the demand of people is simply the eruption of rapid blowout. We are not limited to meeting the basic wearable devices. Instead, we start to enter the human body “from the inside to the outside.” First of all, the human body itself is a big “IP”. Each of us has a set of independent and complete database information, which can produce a variety of human body index data every day. As a result, each of the indicator data can drive “wearable” to evolve into different market segments based on the collected data sources. We can expect that in the next ten years, by 2027, there must be a mixture of people and machines. As for what is this concept? Perhaps the answer will not be revealed until the very day. You can imagine blue eyes, white skin, everything is perfect, but as long as his brain is real, we may face a combination of man and machine.

All of us today’s heartbeat, blood, blood glucose, the indicators can be collected data collection records. Once recorded, bionic manufacturing can solve the problems people need. Two days ago I participated in a reality show, a university team made blind eyeglasses, I was talking to him in the process has a special feeling. In fact, hinder the greatest progress of mankind, it is precisely our inherent traditional consciousness, for example, people want to wear glasses VR, it is hard to get rid of the traditional habits, if through the virtual blind VR glasses, people can conduct behavioral training data acquisition Next, he can present a better image and a better world in the future. The people who stand opposite each other in the next decade are the combination of man and machine, which are not necessarily real.

Implantable Human Device

Even if the media has a very long-term perspective of the scene in 2007, when he may not predict that today’s mobile Internet has brought such a big reform. When we predict the future today, we must even let go of our mindset. Instead of excluding ourselves from the long-term goal that people can reach, we will move forward.

The other one is the subjective or objective loss of human organs we face today, such as the possible replacement of the bones and joints or the failure of a human organ in any condition. This time we need to borrow external equipment implanted in the human body to achieve the meaning of auxiliary or substitution. But the biggest problem with this equipment, the lack of more human-computer interaction. In addition to the human eye to see, through the human blood, skin light to provide the body’s data, there is no way to do more with it to explore. Interaction is to be achieved through the application of information between people and transmission, which may be our application developers face a great opportunity, the conclusion? Perhaps 2C can not directly reach the goal, but can solve the medical scene of the medical treatment, or Solving the functional wearable devices used in special scenes is our application developer’s greatest opportunity. For example, on a particular telemedicine we may have a chance to make a big improvement, not hundreds of millions of users, but hundreds of millions of revenue because you are serving thousands of businesses, which Is the value of business services.

Future Smart Device

In 2007, a decade ago, application developers could not imagine that today’s APP has brought us huge changes in the mobile Internet industry. Similarly, we are now standing at the entrance of mobile smart home. By 2027, we predict that our entire fresh electricity supplier, the entire household appliances will be delivered. Will the entire medical home service be subverted by such a refrigerator and washing machine?

The future may have many opportunities, similar to the refrigerator and other equipment generated applications, not only to solve the problem of eating. Then there is a scene, just Zhan Zong, a communications company of CITIC Group, mentioned a refrigerator, this is Haier’s refrigerator. On the big screen are all the information you can follow directly. We can check on the screen directly from the origin to the chicken feed, including when the egg is down, when to transport to the delivery point and into your How long the shelf life of the refrigerator or tips eggs and a few days soon expired. For example, the market quite a mixed bag of crabs, many people say that our family is selling Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, but no one knows where to buy crabs, these factors make the average consumer no way to identify. The future, may not need you to use the APP, nor the salesman’s explanation, just shouting at the screen “I want this crab”, “I want to buy Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs,” “Pick me up two crabs,” ” Help me find the freshest hottest hairy crabs. “The refrigerator display shows the results directly for people to follow up with for more information and to facilitate faster deals. This is the intelligent terminal that people need in the future. It can make consumers have more rights to information about consumer products and make the market economy more fair and transparent.

The future of intelligent driving, transport robots

Today, we talk about another leading topic of smart driving, which is actually technically possible because one of our customers at Testin Cloud has been involved in this area. However, there are still two challenges in smart driving relative to the future. One is the challenges brought by the industrial systems and policies and laws that are supported by social science and technology innovation, depending on whether they can cooperate with technological innovations. The other one is that autopilot requires the use of data samples.

How can we hope for less than a decade before the history of human society has progressed for at least 10,000 years or so? Even for less than five years of smart driving, we can meet the progress of technological progress. But today 2017, there are a large number of autonomous driving freight forwarding equipment in the park on the trail into the trial. Perhaps in the future, freight cars and distribution robots will be used in great quantities. This is to bring about substantial efficiency gains to the entire workforce. So far, at least, there have been so many restaurants in Beijing that no one is ever served. The restaurant is fully equipped with robots to deliver food, including services such as collecting chopsticks, receiving staff, and delivering all your notes. In the future, if intelligent robots replace people’s service jobs, this may have another impact challenge on the future employment rate in the service industry.

The future is always unpredictable, and we have the certainty that any application faces several challenges in the future.

First, there must be quality problems. Mobile intelligent equipment has accumulated so much in all of today, our use of the environment is also more and more complex. If there are more than 100 wearable devices on each person in the future, human interface, the quality problems we face will be more complicated.

In addition, it is a safety issue. The future of people If the whole body is data, are machines, then safety may be more important. If one day you wake up, you receive a threat of virus. At that time, you will suddenly realize what we should choose now and what we should do in the future, and more rely on application developers with secure corporate services to provide us with protection and value. Of course, there is data, if there is no data support, all the safety quality in front is even more impossible.

Taken together, midfielders may not fully appreciate the opportunities for future APP development. Through cross-industry, industry convergence and through the extension of existing habits, we have the opportunity to gain the development opportunities from traditional APPs to applets to future wearable AR, VR and self-driving APPs. This opportunity brings B2B business service opportunities first, not only through traffic but also through enterprise services. Enterprise development to be faced with the development and application of mobile applications, not only purely need I have to work hard, but also requires that I still have to do well. In particular, the responsibility of B2B developers is getting bigger and bigger. The biggest possibility is the honor of the whole industry, and the more crucial one involves the future and innovation of the country. Now China has led the global trend in the mobile Internet. In the next ten years, application developers in China can lead the global mobile Internet development, but also application developers need to work together to create brilliant.

About Testin
Testin is a testing service based company which specializes in mobile app QA testing. After testing of 2+ million apps, iteration tests 180 million times, in 7 years’ time, Testin has grown from an idea to a leader in the Mobile APP Quality Assurance industry. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 Rounds from IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL, and it succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China, but also in setting its foot into the global arena. Testin has been recognized as 2014 and 2015 Zero2IPO v50 China, 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China, Red Herring Finalist 2014 Asia 100, 2015 Global 100 and 2017 Red Herring Global 100 Winner. By addressing mobile and OS fragmentations, app’s compatibility, functionality, user experience, performance, security and analytics, Testin has helped thousands of developers (including McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, BMW, Philips and Kabam). Testin’s mission is to help developers build confidence in their applications and ensure a good user experience.


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