How to Improve Your App Quality through Testin Compatibility Test

With the continuous fragmentation of the mobile market, we have been witnessing more and more negative ratings and reviews in app stores about compatibility issue. Due to the lack of app users’ device debug data and device models, it is difficult for development teams to debug issues quickly.

Fortunately, here at Testin, we provide our clients with compatibility testing services to help solve these problems. App development companies only need to list the device models they want to cover in the Compatibility Test and let us take care of the rest. After the test steps are confirmed, we can deliver test reports within 2 workdays. It doesn’t matter if your end users are using hundreds of device models because our tests can cover all of them and help you release your apps with confidence.

This article aims to show you how to use Testin Compatibility Test and interpret the test report.

Testin Compatibility report has two formats. You can view a demo report with the hyperlink below.

(1)Online Report (2) Excel Offline Report

You can download the Excel Offline Report by clicking the “Download” icon. You can also share your report with your team members through the icon.

01 Problem Report

By clicking the pie chart, you will see each type of errors distribution. Scrolling down, you will find that Testin lists all types of errors with related test cases and screenshots. Clicking the screenshot, you can have a better understanding of each error step, the expected result, the actual result, and the number of affected devices.

This section also categorizes errors by Error logs. By clicking the number, you will find all of the devices this error involves. View details will navigate you to each device issue.

In the Device Detail Section, you can view error descriptions and all test steps that the device went through. In log section, Log can be filtered into different type for debugging. By clicking the “download” button, you can download the logs of all of the test devices and read them on the log reader of your computer.

Next, we will show you more on how to interpret your app performance through the compatibility test report. To view more detail, please visit If you have any question, please contact


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